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Repair conditions

Please send your repairs only after consultation with us.

Cost information:
Please understand that we can only carry out repairs at an expense. Equipment that is within the warranty period is repaired free of charge, provided that no incorrect operation or semiconductors are affected.
We repair equipment that is outside the warranty period, unless the repair is considered as uneconomical. The repair costs involved are dependent on time and spare parts.
If no fault is found on the device, we charge verification costs according to time and effort.

Guideline for repairs (excl. VAT):
Preamplifier approx. 50 € - 150 €
Power amplifier approx. 150 € - 200 € can also be higher, depending on the built-in transistor
Converter about 80 € - 120 €
Transverter modules approx. 70 € - 100 €
Transverter (TR) about 80 € - 120 €
Self-built transverter kits approx. 50 € - 250 €
Others about 50 € - 100 €

By confirming the repair conditions, you also give us the order for the repair.

The transport costs incurred are calculated at our usual rates.

Please send the repair to the following address:
Kuhne electronic GmbH
repair department
Scheibenacker 3
95180 Berg

In the case of shipments outside the EU, the words "repair - no customs clearance" are mandatory.
Any repairs will be carried out according to our warranty conditions.