With us you get not only top products, also the right serivce is neccessary. Just ask, our development department will be glad to assist you.
In addition to a long life, the right modules for your application is the most important thing for us. In most cases, our standard product portfolio can be adapted to you without much effort. But we are also glad to development new products for you.
You do not know yet whether the product suits you? Just use our test modules and try it out.
Even if something goes wrong, you can contact us: you can always count on our repair service.
And if it's a bit more, we can re-produce your product, whether it's a standard or a special version.
See for yourself!
     Use our fast and uncomplicated repair service
  • Free initial consultation

  • Direct contacts

  • Test pattern

  • Loan units

  • Workshop for conceptual design

  • 3 years warranty *

  • Different versions of products already available

  • Repair and inspection service

  • We keep our technical data

  • Easy re-ordering (also for special versions)

  • Individual and serial production

  • Prototyping

  • Development, manufacturing and sales under one roof

*This is NOT valid for the replacement of semiconductor devices like MOSFETs or GaAs FETs