KU LNA 500590 A

KU LNA 500590 A, Rauscharmer Vorverstärker

5000 ... 5900 MHz
Lead time on request
Frequency range5000..5900 MHz
Noise figure @ 18 °Ctyp. 1.5 dB, max. 1.8 dB NF
Gain27..28 dB
Maximum input power2 mW
Output power (P1dB)+19 dBm (typ.)
Output IP3typ. +27 dBm
Input return loss (S11)11 dB (min.)
Output return loss (S22)min. 9 dB
Supply voltageV DC
Current consumptiontyp. 60 mA
Operating case temp. range-40 ... +65 °C
Input connector / impedanceSMA-female, 50 ohms
Output connector / impedanceSMA-female, 50 ohms
Casemilled aluminium
Dimensions (mm)50 x 30 x 17
Weight50 g (typ.)
  • Low noise figure
  • High gain
  • High IP3 for good large signal performance
  • Very good input return loss (S11)
  • Unconditionally stable – no parasitic oscillations in case of poor antenna match
  • Static protection (ESD) at preamplifier input
  • Solder pin for direct power supply
  • Remote power supply via output connector
  • Milled aluminium case
  • Small mechanical dimensions
  • Digital broadcast systems (DVB-T, DVB-S)
  • COFDM systems using modulation types QPSK, QAM
  • Analog and digital transmission systems
  • Maximum input power 2 mW