KU LNA BB 3000 N-TM, Low Noise Broadband Amplifier

10 ... 3000 MHz

Analog & digital transmission systems     Test equipment

- High bandwidth
- Reverse polarity protection
- V2A mounting clamp incl.
- Water-resistant case – perfectly suitable for outdoor operation

The broadband low-noise amplifier KU LNA BB 3000 N-TM was particularly developed by KUHNE for outdoor application. Due to the waterproof housing and the attached mounting clamp, the LNA is perfectly suitable for mounting it directly on the mast and close to the antenna.
Lead time on request
Frequency range10..3000 MHz
Noise figure @ 18 °Ctyp. 1.5 dB, max 2.5 dB
Gain25 ... 30 dB
Maximum input power1 mW
RF input protectionPIN diodes
Output IP3min. +26 dBm, typ. +30 dBm
Supply voltage+12 ... 15 V DC
Current consumptiontyp. 150 mA
Operating case temp. range-40 ... +85°C
Input connector / impedanceN-female, 50 ohms
Output connector / impedanceN-female, 50 ohms
Casewater resistant case incl. V2A mounting clamp
Dimensions (mm)115 x 56 x 82
FeatureRemote power supply via RF output
Feature 23-pin connector MS3102E series for power supply
The KU LNA BB 3000 N-TM has a bandwidth from 10 MHz to 3000 MHz, making it suitable for a variety of radio-frequency applications. Furthermore, the low noise figure of typically 1.5 dB, the gain of up to 30 dB, and the direct attachment close to the antenna minimize the noise figure of the receiver. Furthermore, the ease of handling is further enhanced by the PIN diode-based reverse polarity protection.
  • High bandwidth
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Water-resistant case
  • V2A mounting clamp
  • Analog and digital transmission systems
  • Measurement equipment
  • Maximum input power 1 mW
  • Mating connector type  is Amphenol MS3106E10SL-3S, not part of delivery