KU SG 090093-1000 RACK Front
KU SG 090093-1000 RACK Front KU SG 090093-1000 RACK Rück

KU SG 090093-1000 Rack, Microwave Generator

'.Isolator / Ausfallsicherheit / reliability.'
902 … 928 MHz ∙ 50 … 1000 W

ISM-Band   Microwave Heating

- Remote control via RS-232 or USB interface
- Configurable frequency and output power
- Protection against high VSWR via integrated isolator

KU SG 090093 - 1000 A is a high-power microwave generator for the ISM frequency range from 902 to 928 MHz. The output frequency is adjustable in this range with increments of 20 kHz. The output power can be varied from 50 to 1000 W in 50 watt increments. The device can be operated manually via the front panel, or remotely controlled or integrated into a control program via the implemented RS232 or USB interface.
Lead time on request
Frequency range902 ... 928 MHz
Frequency resolution20 kHz
Output power50 ... 1000 W CW (adjustable in 50 W - steps)
Remote controlRS232 / USB
Supply Voltage230 V / 50 ... 60 Hz
Output / impedance7/16 - female, 50 ohms
Temperatur range10 ... 30 °C (ambient temperature)
Case19" rack / 4 HU / aluminium
Dimensions482.6 x 180 x 450 mm
The output signal is generated by a PLL oscillator and amplified by means of several radio frequency amplifier stages to an output power of up to 1000 W. The power amplifier is protected by an isolator, which terminates reflected power in case of high VSWR. Power amplifier and signal generation are implemented together with all required protection circuits, as well as corresponding switching power supplies in a 19" housing with 4 HU. The heat-generating parts are arranged on a water-cooling plate, which must be connected via the two connections on the rear panel to a sufficiently dimensioned cooling system.